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Chaplain Steve Sturgeon

539 Thomsen Avenue

Dillon, MT. 59725

Office: 1-406-683-5195

Cell: 1-406-660-1611

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General Teaching Messages

To listen to any of Chaplain Steve Sturgeon's general Bible teaching messages listed below, simply click on the title and the message should start automatically.

- Barabbas

- The Gospel Of John

- How Do You Know You Have The Right Religion?

- Mary And The Resurrection

- Paid In Full

- The Prodigal Son

- Faith Is A Gift

- Pure Salvation

- Some Things God Cannot See

- The Door To Heaven

- The Serpent In The Wilderness

- A Prophet Like Unto Moses

- The Woman At The Well

- What A Good Person Needs

- Words From St. Peter

- You Can Know For Sure

- Repentance #1 (True Repentance)

- Repentance 2

- Repentance 3

- Repentance 4

- Many Believed In His Name

- Examine Yourselves #1

- Examine Yourselves #2

- Examine Yourselves #3

- Examine Yourselves #4


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